massage in laguna beach


“Cheryl is an amazing healer! I suffered horribly with sharp pains from tennis elbow in both arms, and a tweaked shoulder so painful I could not turn over in bed or sleep through the night. After two intense sessions with Cheryl, the pain relief was so great, I could sleep through the night, turn over, and  I gained a large degree of motion. After the intense pain was gone, I could finally rest and heal, which is all the doctor suggested I do. I am back playing tennis and will be more careful with wild and crazy serves.”

--Hillary P., Laguna Beach, CA

“I could go on forever about the skill and talent Cheryl has. She has an intuitive understanding of the human body which I personally have never seen before. She heals on both the physical and psychic level. I credit Cheryl with the release of my trigger finger and the breaking down of the scar tissue from the plate put in to heal my broken arm. As a pianist I will be forever grateful to her. She saved my career.”

--Laurel Conner, Santa Ana, CA

“Cheryl has a real gift and I truly thank her for helping me release the pain in my neck. I had several massages along with strengthening exercises. The combination really helped. It is not a quick fix, it takes time but her constant encouragement kept me going so that I could begin to feel the relief. I committed to the process and then I let Cheryl do her magic.”

--Patty Allinson, Lake Forest, CA


What clients have to say about personalized massage therapy / bodywork in Laguna Beach with Cheryl A. Kanner, LMT