massage in laguna beach


  1.   Massage / Bodywork

  2.   Life-Energy Bodywork

  3.   Swedish Massage

  4.   Deep Tissue Work

  5.   Pressure Point Therapy

  6.   Stretching and Exercise Instruction

  7.   Hot Stone Therapy

  8.   Personalized In-Depth Bodywork

  9.   Specialized focus on feet, face, neck, hands, etc.

  10.   Life-Energy Meditation

All sessions are $100 for one hour, $145 for one and a half hours.

Mention this web site for a 10% discount on your first session. Discounts are also available for multiple session packages, including Massage Therapy / Life-Energy Bodywork / Stretches and Exercises / Meditation series geared to individual needs.

The Life-Energy Center® provides a calming, radiant environment for relaxation and healing. Session are by appointment only, and may last from one to two hours, depending on the need and type of session desired.


Personalized Massage Therapy / Bodywork Sessions

Available with Cheryl A. Kanner, LMT