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Cheryl Kanner’s life passion is to bring healing and awakening to others through massage therapy, bodywork, and inner-light meditation. She grew up in Bronx, New York. In the midst of that urban environment, Cheryl felt drawn to explore nature in the nearby woods. As early as eight years old, she began having profound inner experiences which set the foundation for her lifelong commitment to becoming more in balance between the spiritual and material aspects of life.

In her late teens, Cheryl was very moved by teachings of American Indians and those of Krishnamurti. In the late 1960s Cheryl left New York for the West Coast. She landed in Eugene, Oregon, where she developed an interest in natural foods in relation to health and as a business. She continued working with natural foods in San Francisco into the early 1980s. From there, Cheryl’s quest for greater understanding and life experience led her to live and work in Israel, where she began doing massage therapy. Cheryl later relocated to Southern California, where she has lived ever since.

In the early 1980s Cheryl studied massage at the California College of Physical Arts in Huntington Beach and became a Licensed Massage Therapist. Along the way, she received training in Touch for Health Kinesiology and The Stephenson Method of Creative Healing. Cheryl combines these techniques with others to identify places in the body where various healing modalities are needed for balancing and strengthening.

In 1983, Cheryl was introduced to Actualism, a “Teaching that Heals and a Healing that Teaches”™, originated by Dr. Russell Paul Schofield. Actualism emphasizes Mind-Body-Spirit-Identity integration. After several years of study, Cheryl became a certified Actualism bodyworker and teacher.  In 1994, Cheryl founded The Life-Energy Center® in Laguna Beach, where she does private massage therapy and teaches individual and group sessions in Life-Energy meditation work.

When Cheryl is not busy pursuing her professional work, she often spends time enjoying the outdoors by hiking in the mountains, riding her motor scooter near her Laguna Beach home, walking on the beach, or swimming in the nearby Pacific Ocean.


About Cheryl A. Kanner, LMT

Massage Therapist, Bodyworker and Teacher